I see her in my head, as the girl I once knew, so young and afraid, so sure that this strange new world would swallow her up. I knew she was different, it was why she had so much trouble making friends. She spoke about her home often at first, then less and less as she realised that no one could even comprehend the old world. It didn't help that she would slip and speak True Words, altering reality when she got excited. She was so odd I only found her more interesting the more I got to know her. Myrie was the only girl I could talk to, a late bloomer and a tomboy, she never intimidated me with excessive girlieness. I was the one person at school that didn't shun her. We were inseparable, until she was sent away. I thought that when she'd come back we might pick up where we left off. She was the closest friend I had ever had and her long absence made me notice feelings we had been teased about for so long. When she did come back, any thoughts I had about reconciliation quickly dissipated. The girl that I knew has been left far in the past. Her face is mostly the same but Change made her ferociously beautiful, and scary as fuck. She had to have gained at least two feet in height, making my considerable growth spurt laughable. Those indigo eyes that once knew all my secrets were gone, they are now red-gold orbs that could see secrets I don't even have yet. Her chocolate brown curls have been replaced with fiery red and orange. Her beautiful caramel skin that has so very recently haunted my dreams is now the color of a penny, she almost glows with a reddish orange sheen. She undeniably super hot, from heat, the air rippled and glimmered around her like asphalt on the hottest of summer days. My best friend is gone, her old face has a new name, Anali.
I always loved to read, anything I could find, I would pick up and consume. It is now time to give back, or get it out. Today is the first day I put finger to key and type-a type-a type-a. I don't want to get to far agead of myself so for March my goal is write at least 150 words a day. This should be fun.


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